Group Fitness

Mike Nolan Fitness has now applied the specifics of one to one training to their group sessions for those wanting a more social aspect to their fitness.

MNF group sessions are as close to personal training as you can get in a group environment, with the attention focused on not only technique but the appropriateness of the actual exercise being executed.

“If an individual has rounded shoulders from tight chest muscles amongst other things, why would that individual engage in exercises that tighten it even more, such as press ups?” Mike states.

“Too many classes are not only inappropriate but also adopt a one size fits all, it drives me mad!”

MNF offers 2 formats of group fitness: Fitness 5 or Fitness 10 where a group of 5 or 10 people follow a specific programme appropriate to them.

MNF holds group sessions at two locations; Mike Nolan Fitness Studio, Altrincham and South Manchester Sports Club, Heald Green near Cheadle. For more information contact us at