MIKE NOLAN FITNESS is led by and managed by Mike Nolan; one of the region's most experienced Personal Trainers. Mike has been offering personal lifestyle and wellness solutions for almost 18 years.

Mike opened the first one to one studio in the area so he could deliver a pure form of Personal Training in an intimate environment. This pure form of service is continued today with all one to one sessions taking place in the Mike Nolan Fitness studio in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Mike not only loves fitness & wellbeing, he a lives it too. He regularly competes in half-marathons, marathons and triathalons and in July 2012 Mike completed his first Ironman event.

Mike believes that you cannot advocate a way of life unless you live it yourself. “Clients believe in what I tell them, because I do it too. How could I ask a Client to complete a certain activity if I had never tried it myself. As a trainer you must have empathy for a Client, know how it feels to hurt".



Mike Nolan Fitness has a no nonsense approach to your wellbeing. Mike believes it is only the individual themselves who can make the changes. “I have seen it hundreds of times, where a client gives the responsibility of their body/fitness/wellbeing to a trainer. They never achieve their goals because they are waiting for the trainer to wave a magic wand...it doesn’t happen”.

Our philosophy here at MNF is one of helping and guiding a client to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. We give clients a framework in which to work, we guide them to help them make the right life choices which will have the biggest impact on their wellbeing and move them closer to their goals.

This might be as simple as eating breakfast, or eating at 4pm, to stop the food frenzy upon returning home after work. It may be helping them understand that there is time in their day to train: it is simply a matter of time management and priority.  We will give the solution to their problems but the individual must implement and apply it.

Mike's mantra is simple “Take responsibility”.